Hey guys, welcome to my workshop.

Allow me to briefly introduce myself, and tell you what we do here at Paul Hines Woodworks. My name, obviously, is Paul Hines. I guess you would say woodworking, in all its various forms, has been my passion for years. A passion I inherited from my Dad. Whether it was building decks and home additions in college, or custom bedroom sets for the occasional client/friend. I loved getting into the shop to create something.

In college I studied business management but went a totally different route with my career. In the mid 2000s I became a fireman, and thereafter a paramedic. For nearly a decade I focused on putting out fires, teaching new recruits as an instructor, and doing my best to keep folks alive on my ambulance. This job had more than its fair share of thrills, and I loved every minute of it. When it came time to move on I went a somewhat similar, but somewhat different route by joining the City of Greenville SC Police Department. My year plus with this department was a blast, but during this time I began to see my woodworking passion take shape and flourish.

So here I am today. Growing my footprint, and being challenged all the time. Everyday I’m learning new techniques and methods to make stronger, higher quality furniture and custom pieces. My mission is to create a high quality piece with every build. Whether it’s a request for heirloom quality furniture, or more simplistic requests such as shelves and doors. Finding the option for that works perfectly for each individual client is the goal, and the reaction when delivering his or her product is the best reward!

Thank you for considering Paul Hines Woodworks for your custom piece!

Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

Psalm 127:1